Hear from my Clients

Should I start off with how we met? Thats where the magic was with my experience with Michael. Michael allowed me to vent about my living situation at the time, and shared with me that he was a realtor and that he would be willing to help me find a place...no, he actually assured me that we would find a place. His assurance of things put me at ease and thats exactly how it was while looking for homes, too. Michael was efficient in every way, and so kind and helpful during the process. We met my deadline in finding a home, and he made sure to follow up with me afterwards. I’m very thankful to have met him when I did. A godsend for sure.

Sarai Z.

He doesn’t know this yet, but I’m planning at least 6 fake moves next year to force Michael to show me new places around town. Not only because I love exploring different spaces, but because he’s an absolute delight to be around. He’s knowledgeable, tenacious, and a trustworthy candidate to hand over something as important as the place you’ll soon live your life in. He’s creative and knows this city like the back of his hand. I would trust Michael to do anything needed in the process of finding a dream home. I say dream home, because he is the reason I am currently sitting in mine. Michael takes the time to get to know you so that he can show you spots that are realistic, but ideal to create a sanctuary you look forward to being in. And most of all, you’ll be smiling through the whole process. Thank you, Micheal!

McKenzy W.

I was relocating to Austin and coming in with very little knowledge of the city. What made Michael stand out from the rest is that he actually listened to the lifestyle and vibe I was looking for and gave me dozens of options. He was extremely prompt and professional, but also incredibly personable and altruistic. In the end, I was torn between two places and Michael aided me in weighing the pros and cons in both listings and helped me navigate to my current place. It showed that he really cared and wanted his client to be happy and satisfied. I was working with another realtor at the same time to keep my options as open as possible and did not receive the same level of customer service Michael provided. If I move again in Austin or have a friend moving here, I am 100% referring them to Michael. He is a master of his craft, not pushy and extremely genuine. Thank you, Michael, for finding my dream home in the most perfect neighborhood!

Kendall S.